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Dr. Karin Hollerbach’s core competence includes creating connections across disciplines and using them to solve complex business and/or engineering problems. A central theme in her career has been to quickly grasp complicated scenarios and implement effective and lasting solutions. With her unique combination of technical depth and leadership skills, Karin has helped companies expand globally, develop products and technologies, license technologies and attract/deploy investment.
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Panel Discussion on Building Remote Teams – Hosted by Turing Talent

This week I was honored to speak as part of a panel moderated by Corinne Sawers, Co-CEO of Turing Talent, on building remote tech teams. Joining me on the panel were Emoke Starr, VP of People at Benchling, Martha Bitar, Director of Business Development at HoneyBook. I primarily build remote engineering teams since product development, [...]

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Speaking at the IEEE Technology Time Machine Symposium

I'm very excited to be speaking at the IEEE Future Directions Technology Time Machine (TTM) Symposium in San Diego next week. TTM is organized by the IEEE Future Directions Committee (FDC), where the FDC is an incubator for emerging technologies. The areas chosen for TTM cover a wide synergistic range of business, social, political, and educational [...]

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Pushing the Boundaries of Your Engineering Degree – Imagination Will Take You Everywhere

Homecoming at UC Berkeley Last week, for the Homecoming Weekend at UC Berkeley, I was invited by the Bioengineering Department to give a talk entitled “Pushing the Boundaries of Your Engineering Degree - Imagination Will Take You Everywhere.” I really enjoyed this opportunity to visit the campus and to speak with faculty and students – thank [...]

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Sensor Fusion & Mountains – Aconcagua, part 1

I’m excited to start thinking ahead to my next adventure - on Aconcagua. Besides looking forward to a fantastic trip, I’m figuring out how I can combine two of my main interests, outdoor/endurance adventure and science/engineering. With increasing interest across a variety of industries in technologies for “extreme environments”, this seems entirely reasonable to me.  [...]

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iGIANT Summit on AI – an Invitation

iGIANT Impact of Gender/Sex on Innovation and Novel Technologies Gender and sex impact every aspect of our daily lives. According to the National Academy of Medicine, "gender" refers to a person's self representation as male or female based upon social interactions and "sex" is based upon an individual's genes. Understanding and using these definitions correctly have [...]

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What do breastfeeding and AI have in common?

I am working on R&D/engineering and product strategy with a fantastic startup company that is developing solutions to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals. The following represents my personal opinions, not those of the company or any of its individual employees (or anyone else). Besides providing me with a chance to do something meaningful and [...]

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Cyber-Physical-Biological Symbiotic Systems

I’m interested in cyber-physical-biological symbiotic relationships from several angles.  Focusing here on the larger scale, you might look at it from an infrastructure point of view.  With today’s expanding IoT and communications network scope and functionality, we may think frequently about increasing sensing capabilities in our environment, However, we tend to think in terms of [...]

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Hiking in Kluane National Park & Reserve (Yukon Territory)

People keep asking me for details about fun adventures, so I will post some of them here.  Recently, I visited and hiked in Yukon Territory.  I wouldn’t put this one into the “adventure” category – more like low-key, easy hiking but a fun trip in a beautiful area and well worth the visit. I’d driven [...]

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Soft, Wearable Exoskeletons

I’ve been interested in robotic exoskeletons for years, having done my PhD work in that area. More recently, I’ve become interested in the developing field of soft robotics and have been dreaming about use cases that combine elements of both. Although professionally, I tend more to focus on B2B applications of technologies, as a consumer, [...]

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