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Dr. Karin Hollerbach’s core competence includes creating connections across disciplines and using them to solve complex business and/or engineering problems. A central theme in her career has been to quickly grasp complicated scenarios and implement effective and lasting solutions. With her unique combination of technical depth and leadership skills, Karin has helped companies expand globally, develop products and technologies, license technologies and attract/deploy investment.
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First Woman Mission Pilot

I am now the first woman to become a Mission Pilot (MP) in Civil Air Patrol’s (CAP’s) Green Flag program. Achieving this had developed into a significant personal goal, and I simultaneously made CAP history.

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iGIANT Seal of Approval Program Launched!

iGIANT Seal of Approval I’m happy to announce that we have launched the iGIANT Seal of Approval. As part of a team within the iGIANT®’s Design Advisory Council, I’ve (we've!) been working on developing a Seal of Approval program that enables organizations to self-evaluate design processes using 1 of 3 selected methodologies: Empirical Studies by [...]

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Thinking about the Impact of Technology in our Lives

The impact of technology in our lives Last week I facilitated a discussion about the impact of technology in our lives. This was an event for/with the awesome startup, Revel. Besides being a thoughtful and stimulating discussion, it was an eye opener – in areas other than those I had expected. I call that “upsetting [...]

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Sustainable Organizational Agility – Customer-Centric and Workforce Supporting

How do we move to a state of sustainable organizational agility? There is a lot of discussion about the importance of the customer, the need for agility, and the critical relationship between the two. In fact, often it seems organizing around “putting the customer first” is described as the single most important factor in achieving [...]

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It’s Past Time to End the Division between Techies and Non-Techies

Division between Techies and Non-Techies I’ve long been bothered by the notion of dividing people into two categories, such as the division between techies and non-techies. (In this post, I’m going to use “techie” broadly to refer to enthusiasm for and experience in any technical or scientific disciplines.) Other, similarly unhelpful dichotomies also exist, of [...]

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Aconcagua via the 360 Route

I just came back from my latest adventure, climbing Aconcagua via the 360 Route. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the western hemisphere (and the second highest of the "seven summits"). I climbed with Sunny Stroeer from Aurora Women’s Expeditions (AWE) – who was, in fact, awe-some! I would highly recommend going with Sunny on [...]

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Aconcagua Gear Related Reviews and Comments

In this post, I’ll focus on making some Aconcagua gear related reviews and comments.  I will not describe all of my gear in detail. However, I will select a few items that I thought were particularly useful. I’m reviewing these items because I loved the gear. I have no relationship with any of these companies, [...]

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