Innovation can take many forms. Frequently, for me, I –

  • Come up with creative solutions directly, with my team:
    • In my R&D work at Presque, I’m contributing to our patent portfolio, with innovative solutions in medical wearables, to solve problems around sensing, measuring and dispensing breastmilk and supplement.
  • Weave together an interdisciplinary web, bringing diverse people, teams or organizations that together can solve an existing problem, frequently with advanced technologies:
    • I currently serve as technology scout for  Taku International. In order to develop tech innovations, we typically select one startup per year and provide them with seed money and advisory support.
    • We have developed strategies and brought together technologies for digital business processes in the financial and energy services sectors, linking innovative new companies (e.g., SmartGRidCIS) with traditional players (e.g., E.ON, Thüga) to create competitive advantages for both.
    • We have put together advanced imaging and augmented reality (AR) capabilities (Prefixa) with drone service providers (Imogent) in the PropTech sector.
    • Currently, we are combining AI with UAV inspection capabilities to serve the utilities industry in a more automated fashion. More information will be made public shortly.
  • Work with accelerators and their portfolio companies
    • I’ve worked with approximately 100 companies as part of the US Market Access Program, helping them to create and adapt solutions, frequently as part of their US market entry plans.