About khollerb

Dr. Karin Hollerbach’s core competence includes creating connections across disciplines and using them to solve complex business and/or engineering problems. A central theme in her career has been to quickly grasp complicated scenarios and implement effective and lasting solutions. With her unique combination of technical depth and leadership skills, Karin has helped companies expand globally, develop products and technologies, license technologies and attract/deploy investment.
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Soft, Wearable Exoskeletons

I’ve been interested in robotic exoskeletons for years, having done my PhD work in that area. More recently, I’ve become interested in the developing field of soft robotics and have been dreaming about use cases that combine elements of both. Although professionally, I tend more to focus on B2B applications of technologies, as a consumer, [...]

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Mental Models, Resilience and Success

Building mental models Lately, I’ve been reviewing some of the lectures in an artificial intelligence class at MIT through OpenCourseWare (OCW). As an aside, I highly recommend OCW to anyone interested in furthering their understanding of any of a number of subjects in science, engineering, mathematics, etc. I’ve taken or sampled from many of the [...]

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Limits that are not Limits

Finding equilibrium As I often do toward the end of each year, I’ve been thinking about big picture personal goals. As part of that, I’ve been reflecting on how these goals all fit into a single common theme that guides almost all of my interests and has become a kind of inner compass. I’m not [...]

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Social Responsibility: Article at Humans4AI.com

There's no doubt that the ever-accelerating rate of technology development has already and will continue to affect the jobs and lives of all of us, even those who don't feel they have any positive connection to technology. As someone who has always been interested in science and engineering topics, including ones that involve computational modeling [...]

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New sim. Old (analog) circuitry.

One of my projects over the holidays at the end of 2016 was to put together a fantastic “new” flight simulator that I have on long-term loan from a friend. Why am I so excited about this (besides the fact that it’s a flight sim!)? It’s an old Aviation Simulation Technology (AST) sim – with [...]

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