There’s no doubt that the ever-accelerating rate of technology development has already and will continue to affect the jobs and lives of all of us, even those who don’t feel they have any positive connection to technology. As someone who has always been interested in science and engineering topics, including ones that involve computational modeling of, interaction with, and control of the physical world around us, I feel strongly that those of us who work in technology-based fields have an obligation to disseminate understanding of these fields, so that appropriate public discussion of them and of their impact on the world we share can take place.

For this reason, I have joined colleagues at the non profit organization, HumansForAI.  One of the goals of this organization is to demystify AI by providing a basic understanding of the concepts, thinking and events in AI for novices and non-technical people interested in how AI will impact their lives and their jobs.

To support HumansForAI, I’ve written a non-technical article about AI and Robotics, which can be viewed by clicking here. You can find a variety of other interesting, AI-related articles on the organization’s home page.