Technology / Engineering


TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING Projects related to developing and implementing strategies for the continuum of the physical and virtual worlds include: Designing bio-sensors (hardware), electronics, analytics for medical device, R&D (Presque, USA) Designed and developed Internet of Things (IoT) based sensor/monitoring weather system (USA) Developed wearables strategy to expand benefits of med tech product (currently [...]

Product / General Management


AGILE PRODUCT & GENERAL MANAGEMENT R&D and Engineering – designed R&D plan, hardware (sensors) design, designed deep learning architecture, product strategy (Presque) Engineering Management – co-designed and managed software development (incl. offshore); sold to private buyer for 14x ROI (USA) Project Management – managed rapid turnaround of response to $xxMM government tender for national roll-out [...]



TRANSITIONS: INTERIM MANAGEMENT Interim management engagements are intended to be transitional and typically last 6 months - 2 years. Examples in which I helped companies thrive in difficult transitions include: Engineering Management – transformed contract development company into SaaS company, with launch of first product and creation of product portfolio Engineering Management – [...]

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