Opening New Markets


OPENING NEW MARKETS Expanding into a new market can include generating revenue and/or developing manufacturing or setting up a supply chain in another region. Either may include setting up operations locally. Sometimes “new markets” are defined by new verticals rather than new geographies. Regardless, flexibility, agile performance and rapid strategic evaluation of markets [...]

Technology / Engineering


TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING Projects related to developing and implementing strategies for the continuum of the physical and virtual worlds include: Designing bio-sensors (hardware), electronics, analytics for medical device, R&D (Presque, USA) Designed and developed Internet of Things (IoT) based sensor/monitoring weather system (USA) Developed wearables strategy to expand benefits of med tech product (currently [...]

Product / General Management


AGILE PRODUCT & GENERAL MANAGEMENT R&D and Engineering – designed R&D plan, hardware (sensors) design, designed deep learning architecture, product strategy (Presque) Engineering Management – co-designed and managed software development (incl. offshore); sold to private buyer for 14x ROI (USA) Project Management – managed rapid turnaround of response to $xxMM government tender for national roll-out [...]



TRANSITIONS: INTERIM MANAGEMENT Interim management engagements are intended to be transitional and typically last 6 months - 2 years. Examples in which I helped companies thrive in difficult transitions include: Engineering Management – transformed contract development company into SaaS company, with launch of first product and creation of product portfolio Engineering Management – [...]

Community Service


VOLUNTEER & NON-PROFIT Community service takes on many forms. I try to focus on those areas in which I can apply my strengths - for example, in governance, management, technology, and aviation: Design Advisory Council, iGIANT (impact of gender/sex on innovation and new technologies), leading committee on iGIANT Seal of Approval metrics (2018 – [...]

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